Thought for March 8th

I’m a writer. As a writer, I try to right believable characters. Direct believable characters, I observe how people behave, and I copy that into prose.

You’re with me so far, I’m sure.

When I write female characters based on how I see real women act, my readers tell me it’s not real enough. The characters aren’t full enough.. They’re holding back. They’re weak.

Fair enough.


Let’s assume I’m a really good writer. Let’s assume I’m able to put what I see in the world  perfectly into prose.

What kind of world do I live in where the external actions of women don’t match who they feel they are?

Well, that was a rather facetious question. We live in that world.

I’m bored of that world.  I’m tired of living in a world where someone’s actions aren’t allowed to match their beliefs.

So let’s make a new one. Let’s make a world where no woman – where no one – is afraid to express who they are. Let’s make a world where no woman – where no one – is labelled a slut or a prude based on their personal route to navigate the dragon-filled waters of human sexuality. let’s make a world where no woman– where no one – takes a step back from their beliefs for fear of the sideways gaze of a bunch of herd eyes.

Even if she isn’t blonde and slim.